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BRIGHTWIPE Antifog 20pcs Antifog Wipes + 10g StopFog Gel Bundle

Try our new ANTI-FOG product bundle. Two of our handy, convenient carry-size, anti-fog lens care products bundled together at a discounted price.

BRIGHTWIPE 20pcs Lens Cleaner Antifog Wipes

  • Anti-fog function lasts up to 12 hours
  • Same great lens cleaning function with anti-fog added
  • Convenient, portable, single-use non-abrasive towelettes
  • Instantly drying leaving a streak free shine on the lens surfaces
  • Safe and effective on all lenses including prescription, safety, sunglass and sports eyewear
  • 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture

BRIGHTWIPE Stop Fog Gel 10g + Microfibre Cloth (150x180mm)

  • Anti-fog effect lasts up to 24 hours per application
  • Safe and effective on all lenses including; safety, sports, face shields & visors, prescription and AR coated
  • Up to 120 applications per 10g tube (depending on lens area)
  • Built-in soft applicator brush, to apply the gel
  • Ultra soft micro-cloth provided to polish the lens surface
  • Best applied to already clean lenses

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