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Random Dot “E” Stereo Depth Perception Test

$ $ You Save! 30%
$ $ You Save! 30%

The Random Dot “E” Stereotest is designed specifically for use with children as young as three years of age and up. The patient is asked to distinguish between a “raised E” and a non-stereo target. Figures cannot be identified without the viewing glasses to discourage guessing.

  • Rapid test for amblyopia & strabismus in early & non-readers and non-verbal children & adults

  • Basic Screening (Pass/Fail)

  • 3 Cards (E Target, Demo & Blank)

  • New technology eliminates monocular clues

  • Durable test frames

  • Includes: Manual and both Pediatric & Standard Polarized Viewers


Other Stereo Acuity Tests may be ordered by request. Please enquire.

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