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Veale-Allblax LogMAR Reading Card

The Veale-AllBlax LogMAR reading card is to be used at 35cm (14 inches) from the eyes.

This reading card is designed with LogMAR letter sizing starting at 1.6 through to 0.0 in 0.1 steps. There are 16 lines in total with Snellen Notation equivalent point size numbers alongside each LogMAR number for easy referencing.


272mm x 185mm


How to use this reading test card for assessing approximate magnification for LVA use.

An ideal system for assessing the starting point for X times magnification.

Method: Find which line can be fully read without error when wearing normal reading glasses. Note that LogMAR line number. Next, decide which line size number the patent wish to read at. Count the number of lines between the first number and the desired line. The number of lines counted becomes the starting point of the “times” magnification required, e.g. reading line 1.2 (without error), desires to read line 0.6. There are 5 lines between lines 1.2 and 0.6 therefore starting magnification should be around the 5X mark.

This LogMAR reading card is particularly useful when a Snellen notation at a specific reading distance is required. If a test for an intermediate distance – say 1 metre (39.37 inches) is required, place the card at 1 metre from the reader’s eyes and record the “N” number which the reader scores 100% accuracy. Test individual eyes, using the hand to cover the alternative eye, and then test with both eyes (binocular). Record the “N” line number each time as required.

If a reading test for 14 inches is required, place the card at 14 inches from the eyes and record the “N” number of the line that is read 100% correctly.

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